Shipping and return policies for Labelless Records

Shipping Info
Records will be shipped via USPS. Orders take 7-10 days w/in the continental U.S. & 7-24 days outside the U.S. to reach the average buyer. USPS is the standard shipping method.
Return Policy
Item(s) can be returned to the company for a full refund (shipping fees not included) or replacement at the expense of shipping rates to the customer. If there are issues with item(s) purchased, customer can either choose to be refunded full amount (not including shipping fees), only after item is returned (at customers expense). Or customer may choose to get replacement item(s) shipped out (if a replacement is chosen, then company will pay ship rates on the outgoing replacement item, only after returned items are received. (* again, returned items are to be sent back to company at customers expense.)) NO REPLACEMENT ITEMS WILL EVER BE SENT W/O THE RETURNED ITEMS BEING RECEIVED & ACCOUNTED FOR BY COMPANY. NO EXCEPTIONS.